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Meet Dr. David Varga

Richmond Chiropractor Dr. David Varga

Dr. David Varga

“It’s always my goal to get to the root cause of pain and discomfort. I aim to meet my patients at whatever place in life they are and help them find success in their health journey.” Dr. Dave

Experiencing Chiropractic’s Healing and Seeking New Solutions

“My siblings and I started going to a chiropractor at a young age, as our immigrant parents learned more about natural health. I began seeing how we were able to recover from sports injuries and other traumas with the help of chiropractic and wanted to do the same for other people.”

As my understanding and knowledge of the body has grown and evolved, I’ve been learning the importance of having all the body systems work together to achieve REAL health. My personal work with patients focuses on getting the entire body back to how it was meant to function.”



Dr. Dave was born and raised in Richmond, graduating from Richmond High School in 2000.  He attended Life University in Georgia to earn his DC by 2006. He played rugby while there, along with working as a handyman to support himself through school.  During this time, he was able to experience quick recoveries from several injuries through chiropractic care, avoiding surgeries, which further confirmed his belief in his chosen occupational path.

Richmond Chiropractor Dr. David Varga with sons.

Children need chiropractic too – ask us why our children receive adjustments!

Enjoying the Richmond Community

Dr. Dave started Varga Family Chiropractic in 2007 and has enjoyed seeing it grow to the busy practice it is today. He’s been able to connect with many people that he grew up with and meet so many new ones as well.

When he’s not at the office, Dr. Dave keeps busy with his home life, along with his wife Dr. Laura and their three young boys, Joshua, Kaleb, and Asher. Their family loves spending time outside, hunting, building, bike riding, and hosting gatherings for family and neighborhood friends.

Dr. Dave loves living and working in the town that he was raised in and being a part of that community. He is a member of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, sponsors many local sports teams (coaching some of them), is a volunteer at a local church that he’s been a member of since 2008, and works within the senior citizen community.

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