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Meet Dr. Djordje Varga

Helping The Community Get Well

Dr. Djordje Varga is a Richmond High graduate who has found his calling in chiropractic. As an athlete himself, Dr. Djordje loves helping athletes recover from their injuries and get back to their sports quickly.

The Road To Chiropractic

As a youth, Dr. Djordje was very active in sports. He particularly enjoyed playing rugby. It was through an injury in rugby that Dr. Djordje was introduced to chiropractic. From then on, he always had an interest in how the body worked. He was fascinated that chiropractic adjustments could remove interference to the nervous system and allow the body to work the way it was designed to do.

After attending community college, Dr. Djordje worked at the family business for six years before attending Life University. Today, Dr. Djordje loves helping families and athletes get well and get back to living their fullest lives. Dr. Djorje and his wife have three children.

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