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New Patient Center

Initial Visit

What to expect at Varga Family Chiropractic

We’ll explain what is happening and how we can help.

Our friendly staff makes each of your visits about YOU. We do the best we can to keep you informed about your health and our practices, but please don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way!

  • Consultation and physical examination; X-rays will be taken, if necessary and applicable
  • Hydro massage table while your doctor reviews your X-rays
  • Doctor will go over films and explain condition of your spinal and gut health
  • Spinal manipulation (i.e. adjustment; activator upon request)
  • Post therapy; STIM, decompression, and/or traction

*Please allow approximately 45-60 minutes for this visit

*Children are welcome to stay in our waiting room, or accompany you in the adjustment/therapy rooms.

*Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out our new patient paperwork

*Look here for our pricing and legal notices

Subsequent Visits

Our doctors suggest coming in two to three times the first two weeks after your initial visit. On each visit, you will have the option of beginning on a hydro massage table to alleviate some stress before your adjustment. After your spinal manipulation your doctor will suggest any further modalities (traction, decompression and/or electrical muscle stimulation) that you might need.

Continuing Care

Our doctors are glad to give you suggestions on what a personalized continued plan of care might be. We believe that we can help get your body to a place of better health, and that maintaining that state is up to you and on your own timeline.

Are you wondering if chiropractic care might be just what you need?

 Contact us today and we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you!

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